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Business Services

Business Services

We are able to offer scalable business services to those clients who wish to establish a Physical and or Cubicle presence operation in the Countries where DG Jameson  has an office. This service is often of particular importance for clients who need assistance with local laws, business practices and cultural idiosyncrasies and who basically need a helping hand in getting a new venture off the ground.

The DG Jameson has 10 years experience in opening offices overseas and is therefore familiar with the pitfalls and costs associated with going it alone.

Our services inter-alia include:

The establishment of companies and other business entities
Registration of foreign corporations
Registration of representative offices
Pre-immigration advice
Work permit applications
Provision of temporary office accommodation
Assistance with recruitment
Accountancy and audit
Administration, billing and debt recovery
Telephony, facsimile and e-mail services
Assistance with web strategy and implementation
Procurement and outsourcing
Contractual matters and arranging legal support.

If you would like to learn more about business services and doing business in the various countries  please click one of the links below, Contact a Regional  Director or contact the appropriate office.

Doing business in Australia
Doing business in Britain
Doing business in Bulgaria
Doing business in China and Hong Kong
Doing business in Finland
Doing business in the Isle of Man
Doing business in Luxembourg
Doing business in Malta
Doing business in Mauritius
Doing business in Singapore
Doing business in Switzerland
Doing business in Vietnam