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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Requirements to Open Limited Liability Company in Tanzania

To open Limited Liability company,you will need the following
1. Photocopy of National ID or Passport for both Directors
2.Signatures of both Directors or Partners
3. Company Name
4. Passport size photos of both Directors/Partners.
5. Address in Tanzania.

NOTE: The Law requires to have a local partner/Director , this will help you when obtaining certain Business Licences,
This Includes Open the Limited company, Address USD 650


It will take 3  to 5 days to complete the whole process.


Please send all payments thru
Address: PO BOX 76221 DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA       
Tel: + 255 655 308308.
OR Wire Transfer to:    
Name:  Name: GERALD SHUMA    
Address: PO BOX
Swift Code: ACTZTZTZ    
Account Number: 01212000125-56
Bank Address: PO Box 95068 Dar es salaam , Tanzania.

OR Pay by Credit Card/Debit Card etc.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swedish Trust Company - European Union

Swedish Trust Company - European Union

Asset Management structure registered in Sweden, full member of the European Union.This entity can be used to manage Cash, Securities or any type of assets for clients worldwide.Turn-key packages offered with Online Banking Software, BIC Registration and more.

The Legal Structure

The Trust Company is structured as a Limited Partnership and registered in Sweden, a full member of the European Union. In addition to registration in the Swedish Company registry, Trust Companies are also subject to registration as Regulated Service Providers in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Law 62:2009). Our Trust Companies come complete with Certificates of Registration evidencing compliance with this Act. All documentation is provided in Swedish and English with Apostille legalization. The Trust Company can manage any type of asset held in Trust for any number of clients (individuals or legal entities) resident anywhere in the world. The Trust Company must have a minimum of one partner with unlimited liability, and a minimum of one partner with liability limited to the investment in the company. Amounts invested are not required to be paid up.Partners can be physical individuals or legal entities of any nationality and resident anywhere in the world. Our firm can also provide nominee partners and issue General Power of Attorneyif required.

The Trust Assets

There are no limitations on the types of assets that can be placed under management by a Trust Company. Assets can include but are not limited to:

• Cash Deposits (No Currency Restrictions)
• Stocks
• Bonds
• Debentures
• Mutual Funds
• Hedge Funds
• Any type of Securities
• Commodities
• Precious Metals
• Real Estate
• Investments in General

Document Templates

Our Trust Company package includes document templates for creating any amount of Trust Accounts for managing any type of assets. The package also includes documentation and manuals in regards to locally and internationally accepted KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures applicable to international financial services providers.

ETFA Membership

Our Trust Company package includes an already approved membership in European Trustees & Fiduciaries Association (ETFA). Services available to ETFA members include assistance with bank account openings, accounting services, tax return filings, compliance advice etc. Please visit for further details.


As a partnership the Trust Company is a legal entity but not subject to taxation itself. The partners should pay taxes on their share of the reported profits (if any). Note that our firm can provide nominee partners if required. You can access local tax advice and accounting services through your membership in European Trustees & Fiduciaries Association (ETFA) if required.

The Banking Software

Our Trust Company package includes NexorOne®, the leading web based online banking application. NexorOne® is used to manage your customer database and to create and
administer the Trust Accounts. Your customers can access their accounts securely online,review account statements, request wire transfers etc. The interface can also be used to securely communicate with the administrator (customer service). Please visit for further details and to access a free demo of this user friendly and innovative banking interface today without obligation.

BIC Identifier Code

Your Trust Company comes complete with an already registered Identifier BIC. This means that your Trust Company can be verified on the SWIFT® system. As an example, search for “Overseas Trust” in the BIC Search field on Swift.Com. You will find our own Trust Company,Overseas Trust Scandinavia KB with Identifier BIC OVTCSES1.

Access to Banclear™

Our firm can assist with your account opening at Banclear™. This service will give you the ability to send and receive international wire transfers (MT103) in any currency and to hold funds in EUR and USD without the need to first establish correspondent banking relationships. See for further details.

Pricing and Procedure

The price for our complete package including the products and services described in this document is EUR 58,000.00. The formation of a new Trust Company with the name of your choice will take 3-4 weeks to process. We also keep a stock of existing Trust Companies available for immediate delivery. Please contact us for details about available entities. If you prefer to proceed with the formation of a new entity, please forward a minimum of three suggested Company name choices and the complete names and addresses of the partners (unless you require nominee partners). We will revert with complete instructions.

Second Year Annual Fees

Nominee Partner (if applicable): EUR 800.00/partner
ETFA Membership EUR 800.00
Registered Office: EUR 350.00
Nominee Partner fees for year one are included in entity formation fees
ETFA Membership is billed directly by ETFA in January of each year
Registered Office fee for year one is included in entity formation fees

After Sales Support

Our firm is always here to assist you with Legal and IT services. We can provide web site design, hosting solutions, software customizations among other services. If you require a product or service which we cannot offer in-house, we will most likely be able to refer you to a firm that can. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for further details. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new client of Global Money Consultants.

Trust Company General Features

Your Trust Company package includes:

• Company Registration Certificates in Swedish and English
• English Translation of the law regulating Swedish Partnerships
• Registration as Regulated Service Provider in accordance with the Money Laundering
and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of 2009
• The Hague Convention on the Law applicable to Trusts and their Recognition
• ETFA Chartered Trustee Member Certificate
• ETFA Online Access Code
• NexorOne® Banking Software
• Banclear™ Application Assistance
• BIC Identifier Code
• Trust Deed Templates and KYC Guide
• Company Documents Notarized and Certified with Apostille

Saturday, October 29, 2011

5 Easy Tips for buying a Property Overseas.

5 Easy Tips for buying a Property Overseas.

Buying property is not a process to be rushed. You need time to research the market as a whole and your particular destination of choice. You should also spend time researching the companies in the market place - using the right professionals will save you time, money and stress. Investing time and being prepared to spend money on good service providers at the beginning of the process will save you a lot of hassle later and potentially avoid expensive mistakes.

1. Use an Independent lawyer

Legal services
  • No matter what anybody tells you, no matter how easy it all seems and no matter how lovely the agent seems, ALWAYS use an independent lawyer to represent you throughout the purchase of your property overseas.
  • It is the lawyer's job to protect you and inform you.
  • You will need to pay the lawyer a fee - accept that as part of your purchase costs. This is not an area in which to keep costs down.
  • The definition of "independent" is that the lawyer represents you and only you.

2. Do the numbers

Legal services
  • Make sure you know your budget before you start looking at properties - this should include at least a provisional mortgage offer if you're borrowing money.
  • Don't then be tempted to buy more properties than you can afford (particularly on off-plan properties) hoping to sell the extra properties before completion unless you fully understand the risks as well as the rewards (see point 5).
  • If borrowing money, your repayments will stretch over several years, years in which lending criteria and borrowing costs may change. Discuss the long term repayment with a financial specialist before proceeding.

3. Beware exchange rate movements

Exchange rate
  • The rates do not need to move substantially to affect the value of your purchase. When you start looking, £100,000 may buy you a certain property - a 10% drop in the value of the £ against the Euro, for example, may then put that property out of your budget. If you've already signed contracts to buy, this could cause you a problem. Speak to specialists in this area and secure your rate of exchange early.
  • The rate fluctuations will also affect the costs of mortgages (if you raise the mortgage overseas and earn your income at home). Again, speak to a foreign exchange specialist to highlight the risks and to take appropriate action.

4. Use professional agents and developers

Legal services
  • There are few, if any, guarantees when buying property, at home or overseas. Using an independent lawyer (see point 1) significantly reduces the risks you take on an overseas property purchase and employing a professional agent or buying from a professional developer will also help you.
  • Ask lots of questions. 3 year old children are known for asking lots of questions (why? why? why?) and you should follow their lead when talking to agents about a purchase. Initially, focus questions on the company itself, not the properties for sale. Dig around for details on the founders of the company and the track record of the company. Ask for client testimonials (real ones) and make sure you find out in detail exactly what service they offer. Don't just take their word for it - ask for details on their service in writing, preferably in the form of some type of "Terms of Business".

5. Remember the risk to reward ratio

Research the market
  • If you are buying property overseas as an investment (as many people have done in recent years), you need to bear in mind that big returns may come with significant risks. Be careful to assess the possible downsides to an investment property as well as the enticing investment numbers that could be achieved if all goes to plan.
Take your time and follow these tips and there is no reason why you'll be taking any more risk buying overseas than you do at home.
For more in depth advice contact us at :

Sunday, September 4, 2011

we can help your business registration in East Africa, Asia,Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South America etc Wholly
Foreign Owned Enterprise, Joint Venture or Representative Office. We also offer the related services, such as office rental, tax report,
business research, customer relationship management, visa assistance, corporate training, HR outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, PR
outsourcing, project management and so on.

Our Business Establishment & Expansion Services help your big success
in East Africa.

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