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About Us

DG Jameson establishes and administers secure and efficient corporate and trust structures for expatriates, businesses, entrepreneurs, private individuals and families.

This means that we set up and manage offshore companies and offshore trusts and other types of international structures, to meet the specific personal or business objectives of our clients.

Broadly these objectives include wealth protection and tax reduction, international business and market entry, but there are many different reasons and benefits attached to utilizing international corporate or fiduciary trust structures to arrange one's affairs advantageously. DG Jameson’s focus is to understand, assess, design and implement a solution that best fits our clients' specific needs and goals while maximizing the available benefits.

Our global focus includes the areas of:
  • Offshore Company Formation in Major Jurisdictions
  • Company Formation in European Countries
  • Company Formation in  USA
  • Company Formation in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Branch Registration of Foreign Corporations
  • Company Management and Administration
  • Establishments of Trusts and Foundations
  • Trusteeship and provision of Foundation Councils
  • Corporate Structuring and Re-Structuring
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Configuring Market Entry
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment
  • Accounting
  • Yacht Registration and Management
  • E-Commerce and E-Gambling

Advisory Services 

Our international team of lawyers, accountants and commercial experts are fully conversant with international business and the world’s tax treaties and are therefore able to offer you a bespoke advisory service which includes:
  • Advice on the selection, establishment and maintenance of company or trust structures
  • Advice on the establishment and maintenance of foundations
  • Advice to clients seeking to establish or restructure international or offshore operations
  • Advise on market entry into China, Asia and Europe
  • Advice on matters relating to out-sourcing and procurement in China
  • Corporate structuring, financial engineering and tax and VAT planning
  • Assistance with the implementation of trading, investment and other structures
  • Advice on domestic and overseas property ownership
  • Contractual matters, billing and other day-to-day affairs of corporate structures
  • Advice on utilizing structures domiciled in high tax areas for international tax planning
  • Advice and implementation of business start-ups
  • Advice and implementation of cubicle/physical presence operations
  • Expertise in utilizing double tax treaties.

Company Formation and Domiciliation Services

DG Jameson offers you a customized incorporation service on a global scale. Whether you wish to establish a corporate presence in Europe, USA, Asia, elsewhere or simply offshore, our service is rapid, cost-effective and solutions driven. Our incorporation and related services include:
  • Offshore company formation in  jurisdictions
  • Company formation in European countries
  • Company formation in  USA
  • Company formation in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Branch registration of Foreign Corporations
  • Representative office registration
  • Provision of registered office facilities
  • Provision of registered agents
  • Provision of local representatives and agents

Company Management, Secretarial and Compliance

We provide you with the security of having your company structured properly in accordance with legislation, and the statutory records and annual returns maintained on sophisticated company secretarial software to ensure the company fulfill its obligations each year. These services include:-
  • Provision of professional directors and nominee owners
  • Provision of company secretaries, managers and other officers
  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
  • Corporate structuring
  • Issuance of share certificates or other ownership instruments
  • Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • Preparation and filing of license applications
  • Preparation, filing and payment of license fees
  • Translation services in all major languages
  • Corporate governance and international compliance.
Commercial Services 

DG Jameson offers you a range of commercial services to support and enhance your business activities. These include:
  • A turn-key administrative service for client companies
  • Project management
  • Arranging for the provision of legal and taxation advice and opinions
  • Drafting commercial agreements, consultancy and employment contracts
  • Assistance with the opening and operation of bank accounts
  • Trading and letter of credit services.
  • Payroll solutions and management
  • International personal pension schemes.
Accountancy Services 

By entrusting us with your accounting activities, you are not only accessing DG Jameson’s global expertise you are also freeing up yourself and your team to focus on your core areas of expertise. Our proactive accountancy teams provide:
  • Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation
  • The preparation of management and statutory accounts
  • Arranging audits
  • Tax advice, registration and related services
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation and filling of tax returns
  • Debt analysis and recovery services
Transfer of Administration

For private and corporate clients who are either disqualified with their current administrations or for clients who wish to consolidate their International Corporate Services through a dedicated point of contact, DG Jameson can arrange to take over the management and administration of existing companies, trusts and other structures at no initial cost to the client.

Virtual Office Services 

Our customized virtual office service allows you to set up everything you need to run an office without having to pay the rent, salaries and overhead costs of a normal office. These services include:
  • Use of a prestige city business address
  • A local telephone number answered by our customer service centers
  • Call transfers to wherever you are, worldwide
  • Voicemail
  • Use of a fax number enabling receipt and forwarding
  • Mail acceptance and forwarding
  • Touchdown office and meeting room facilities
  • Wide range of business support services
  • IT management and assistance
  • Online Office Manager.
Trust and Trustee Services 

A fiduciary structure can help preserve your wealth and offer you greater flexibility over the management and distribution of your assets. The most common type of fiduciary structure is a trust, a binding arrangement whereby assets are transferred to a “trustee” who is required to administer the trust assets for the benefit of specified beneficiaries strictly in accordance with the terms of the trust. Through DG Jameson’s licensed trust and trustee companies clients are offered:
  • A service regarding the establishment of an offshore trust
  • Trusteeship and related services
  • Administration of trust funds
  • Trust accounting and maintenance of asset ledgers
  • Reporting and filing as appropriate
  • Guidance
Foundation and Council Services 

Foundations are a very important component when structuring the ownership of family and corporate assets and are particularly important where trusts are generally not requested. They are in many respects similar to corporate entities but afford the protection and continuity derived from the use of trusts.
Practical uses include:
  • Holding assets which can be passed on from one generation to the next (estate planning)
  • Asset protection
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Avoidance of forced heir ship rules
  • Maintenance of corporate control
  • Separation of voting and economic benefits
  • Employee share option schemes
  • Pension funds
  • Art collections
  • Charitable purposes.
Escrow Services
DG Jameson is able to offer clients a comprehensive Business to Business Escrow Service to avoid risk for both buyer and seller and to ensure that conditions precedent are met prior to exchange.
This service is particularly important for parties who want to transact Commercial Business but are uncertain of each other and their respective business practices and culture.

E-Commerce Services 

Through a group subsidiary Bongonext Limited we are able to offer turn-key solutions to include:-
  • Web Design
  • Database and application development
  • Web Strategy and Programming
  • Web localization/transaction management
  • Site Maintenance and Support
  • Domain name registration
  • Credit Card merchant accounts
  • Online payment processing
  • E-mail Hosting, screening and management
You can avail yourself of tailored services to own yachts, other types of vessels and aircraft. These structures offer many cost and management saving benefits which include:
  • Yacht and aircraft registration in a variety of jurisdictions
  • Liaising with classification societies
  • Full management and administration
  • Compliance and certification
  • Marine and aviation surveys
  • Tax  mitigation  
  • Insurance services
  • Competitive finance
  • Crew management services